What are the benefits of minimalist web design?

Currently, minimalist web design has become a trend in the design of various sites on the Internet of different themes.Also known as Flat Design, this style of drawing is characterized by leaving aside gradients, shadows, textures, and reliefs, to have a cleaner and more elegant design, solid colors and sharp typography.

The flat design is easy to develop and is a clean and straightforward way to promote your products or services or communicate the message you want to convey to your potential customers.In this sense, here you can learn what minimalist web design is and how to find out one of my favorite minimalist websites.

What is the minimalist design?

Nowadays, minimalism is a trend in the world of fashion, music, and architecture and web design. However, you must be clear about the characteristics that define a minimalist design and what differentiates it from another that is not.

In principle, minimalism was born in the 60s and focuses on simple and geometric shapes. Also, it is characterized by using pure colors, especially the white color. Within minimalism, it is fundamental that all the elements are combined to create a unit so that it should not be excessive or precarious.Precisely, the flat design consists of a design style based on the use of a few decorative elements and flat or solid colors to give the website a clean, pleasant and entirely aesthetic.

Minimalist design features

The number of colors used in this type of design is small. In general, the same tone with different saturation is used, to create a contrast between the text, the images, and the background. In general, shades such as white, black or gray are used.

Generally, the Sans Serif font is used, with the aim of combining the typography with the style of the site. Also, sources such as Arial, Tahoma, among others, are commonly used, known as “unfinished” typefaces.

Reasons to apply Flat Design

  • It is easy to execute. While the execution of this style of design may be simple, you should bear in mind that defining the concept of the model may be more complicated to use.
  • Improve the user experience. It is necessary to emphasize that the simplicity of the minimalist design facilitates the navigation of the users on the site since the web is more straightforward and intuitive. By reducing the number of visual, interactive elements, etc., you avoid the excess of information, improving the browsing experience of your users.

These are the main reasons why you should use a minimalist web design on your site, so we invite you to consider them and encourage you to apply it on your page.

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