Social Work

Why Social Work is a Great Industry to Get Into

If you’re looking for a career that is challenging and rewarding at the same time and gives something back to the community then you should definitely consider a career as a social worker.  Social work is a demanding and varied profession and requires the practitioner to have a well-rounded set of person-centered skills.  You might have some of these skills already, such as the ability to empathize with people, but an online master in social work will teach you all of the necessary skills and expand your knowledge further.

High Demand

Statistics show that social work is growing at a faster rate than most other occupations with the industry projected to grow 12% by 2024.  Changes within the U.S. are further supporting the need for more social workers.  There are more people than ever before using the healthcare system than there was half a decade ago, which mean hospitals are calling out for social workers to help with care coordination and follow-up.

Organizations are placing more emphasis on recruiting male social workers because they have found that male clients are less comfortable reaching out to female social workers.  Organizations appreciate that male clients might prefer to have case workers with a better understanding of their unique needs and challenges.  With females making up 83% of social workers it’s a good time to consider doing that online masters in social work if you’re male.

A Flexible Career

When you first become a social worker, you will often specialize in a certain client area or specific field of expertise.  However, the great thing about this profession is that it is incredibly diverse and as long as you have the basic qualifications needed you can often make changes without having to completely change your career.  There are numerous options to work within various societies and for different organizations.

Many of the renowned online MSW programs provide you with the chance to establish different expertise in various areas.  These programs will open up your career to new opportunities and allow you to specialize in specific areas such as drug and substance abuse or violence against women and children.

Make a Difference

Social workers are often based on the front line and can be witness to difficult situations.  You might be required to help a family in extreme poverty or children who have been victims of abuse and violence.  It takes a strong person to remain calm and not let these situations affect them.  However, a professional social worker will come away from these experiences with the knowledge that they have instigated a positive change for the people in need of help.  To know that you have made a huge difference to someone’s life and that you have the opportunity to be an advocate for positive change is one of the best reasons to get into a career in social work, and right now there’s never been a better time to give it a go.