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Hot Careers with a Future for an MBA Graduate

One of the most important aspects to consider when deciding which advanced degree you want to pursue is whether or not that master’s degree will give you a career with a future. That is one thing you can be certain of with an MBA, especially from prestigious schools of business like that at Villanova University. So, now you’ve decided on working towards that master’s in business administration and you have a few questions. First, if you are considering taking your courses online you are probably asking, “Is the online MBA as rigorous as the campus-based MBA program?” And, rightfully so.

You want to know that you will be getting the same level of education as your on-campus counterparts. At schools like Villanova University, the answer to that would be a resounding yes. It is, in fact, the very same program, but with a different method of delivery. So what are some hot careers with a future for an MBA graduate? Here are a few to ponder.

1. Healthcare Services Manager or Director

If there is one thing which can be said about a career in any area of healthcare it would be that this is one industry that can offer a solid future for any career oriented person. If you are seeking a position as a director of a hospital or clinic, you need to ask, is the online MBA accredited. Of course you can get an entry level position in healthcare management with a bachelor’s degree, but if you want a job with security and lots of room for advancement, get an MBA.

It would be totally devastating to enroll in a course that you hope will offer future career opportunities, only to learn you sought that degree from a school that wasn’t even accredited by the appropriate organization. With such a shortage in healthcare personnel, make sure that school is accredited as you will be assured of a career with a future with the right degree.

2. Financial Advisor

As a financial advisor, you will actually need an MBA because you will be advising your clients in the management of their finances. This not only includes investments they could be making, but also in managing the money they have. From income to expenses and everything in between, an MBA will give you the credentials you need as a prerequisite to being licensed as a financial advisor in your state.

3. HR Departmental Manager

Who better to lead the HR team than a manager with an MBA? Today’s HR department does so much more than recruiting, hiring and firing. Human Resources also work in counselling staff in such things as career goals and financial planning. Most of today’s corporations offer a number of ways in which to plan for retirement. Someone with an MBA would understand investment strategies and would therefore make the perfect person for the job. It’s a hot career with great future prospects for job security and a decent pay grade.

With an MBA you can take your pick of literally dozens of jobs that deal with money or finances. A bachelor’s degree might be sufficient for most entry level positions, but the higher up the corporate ladder you intend to climb, the higher level degree you should hold. These are just three hot careers with a future, but here is one last question, “Can online MBA pursue a specialization?” Of course the answer is, ‘Yes!” So, choose your specialization and one of these hot careers could be yours.