Writing of Covering Letter: Calm Down and Follow the Advice

It goes without saying that each exchange program, internship and job opening requires the form of your candidacy and the letter about your desire to take part in. In some cases, the latest one is short, in others – long and detailed. But the main purpose of it is anyway to clarify why you want to become a participant. If to speak about the form, there are some fields with questions concerning your expertise.

But how can organizers know about your achievements, if there isn’t such field in the form? Or where can you portray them your proficiency and send credentials? Here appears a cover letter – a text, where you can add all necessary data which wasn’t mentioned in other documents. What is this type of test and which are the rules of writing it? WeDoEssay gathered the main items about it in this article!

The Kernel of Cover Letter and Its Assignment

Before starting of creating a cover letter, you need to understand the essence of it. This text is created in cases if you have some extra points about your practice and abilities and you need to share it. Here you are able to sell yourself as a competent specialist and tell all the details. But there is a big disparity between an application form, a letter of motivation and a cover document. In the last one, you shouldn’t repeat the information added earlier. Sure, you may itemize your relevant experience, but don’t just copy the text.

Cover letter may be described as kind of bridge between your applying and getting the position – here you can sell yourself, show your best sides and also elaborate on credentials. Sometimes a cover letter is looked at before analyzing of the candidates, and sometimes – after. In the first case, the board looks at the person’s way of expressing an opinion. In the second – they want to choose the best candidates among the selected ones according to the application forms.

What Can You Include in It?

The crucial tip you should pay attention to is that a covering letter has to complement and detail your request form. If you don’t have what to add to it, there is no need to write this type of document. Its purpose is to interpret your statements in other files and to expand the description of your qualities. The covering letter is a way to contact the board which will analyze your form – so you may not only shortly name your skills in the application form and tell about your motivation, but write about your individuality (but don’t mess it with the cover letter for a job opening, where you must not describe your personal features).

There are also some significant taboo topics. These issues shouldn’t be mentioned in the cover letter because they will lead to the repetition of other documents. Firstly, don’t write about your attitude to the program. Even if you didn’t announce it in the letter of motivation literally, the explanation of your desire to participate has the same meaning. Secondly, don’t praise other programs you participated. Sure, it’s important to describe your experience, but your story about the organizers’ work may be a little offensive for the board of this program. Then, don’t write too much. Determine the information not included in the letter of motivation and the application form and tell about it.

Tips for Creating a Good CL

Now let’s focus on the points of writing a cover letter closely. There are some simple tips which may be useful for everyone!

Conform a Letter

It means that you’d better adapt your text to the features of a program you’re applying. There isn’t any need to tell about your experience in other fields (such as ecology in the song contest). Create the story in your letter close to the theme of a program, because it gives you more opportunities to succeed. Besides, if you’re applying for some internship at the same time, be certain that your letters are different and are unique for each of programs. You are advised to emphasize your skills according to the demands and instructions.

Determine the Main Experience

Sometimes students tell everything about their experience – it’s wrong. Even if you describe the relevant topics, you have to emphasize the most important aspects. For example, if you’re applying for the academic program concerning Math, there is no need to tell about your school projects in this subject. Sure, it seems like it is relevant experience, but the level isn’t appropriate. At the same time, if you had extracurricular experience on the academic level, it deserves to be described. And also it’s important to give specific examples for your assertions – the list of your skills isn’t enough, as you need to illustrate it with samples from your experience.


It’s also significant to follow the rules of creating a formal letter. Use business format only, as some styles may just not open on the devices of the members of the board. But it’s not only about the type of document; it’s about structure as well. Don’t forget to mention the name of receivers, their contacts in the beginning and your name, birth date, contact details and the date of sending in the end. The beginning of your letter needs to include a short story about the purpose of this text. After that you can add everything you wanted to talk about, including experience, details of it, credentials etc. The closings of the letter or conclusions have to emphasize the main data of the letter. You may also add a couple of words about your expectations. In the end, don’t neglect to write the gratitude and your name. And don’t forget to check everything, because simple grammar mistakes may have a bad influence.

Now you see that a good covering letter requires a lot of efforts to work on. But if you really wish to participate in a program you’re filing for, it’s important to have it. Good luck!

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Learning Chinese language in Singapore

Are you dreaming of learning Chinese easily? Then this article is for you! Tips for remembering Chinese characters at your service!

So, people often ask: is it difficult to learn Chinese?

Yes, it is difficult! But if you take admission in a best Chinese language school in Singapore then the efficient teachers will make it much easier for you. But you must have patience and eagerness to learn.

Many say it is one of the most difficult languages ​​to study on the planet! In order to be able to read Chinese literature, you need to know at least 1000 characters! If you know at least 200 characters – you will begin to understand 40% of the literature: magazines, menu in restaurants, and their sites. The Chinese language does not have an alphabet.

3 recommendations for a simple study of the Chinese language:

When a person hears his own speech (intonation, sounding), he will quickly learn what he has read;

Look for a partner in the Chinese language! It’s very easy to find!

You may go to our favorite Internet and write a request: “free sites for the exchange of language experience” – and you will open a number of useful sites – register and practice! Also you can find in your city an evening club (or weekend club) for learning Chinese – it would be just a wish!

Often listen to Chinese radio or watch movies in Chinese. To date, you can find anything you like: radio stations in Chinese, and various TV shows, movies (for beginners – with translation) – allocate 1 hour per day for listening – and in the future your work will thank you!

Learning foreign languages ​​is easy!

If speaking Chinese is perceived and remembered simply, then what to do with the written language of this language? All not by hearsay know that the Chinese language is famous for its complex and heavy hieroglyphs. This problem is faced by all those who study them. Everyone has to find and invent ways to easily memorize and store in memory a whole lot of hieroglyphics.

Tips for remembering Chinese characters:

Prescription of Chinese characters

The most common method is a multiple prescription of Chinese characters

This exercise will not only remember them, but also learn how to write beautifully and correctly.

If you cannot remember once a whole hieroglyph, the muscle memory will allow you to finish it, because your hand will remember for yourself what exactly follows this grapheme.

And do not forget that if you want to learn how to write in Chinese, you need to remember not only a single hieroglyph, but words consisting of it, along with other hieroglyphs that you know.

Systematize them by key, it will not get confused and remember which word is written in this or that grapheme.

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3 Good reasons to pursue a Masters Degree for Working Professionals

“Why should I take up a masters degree?” is the question that a lot of students may ask after completing a four year course, unsure of whether or not taking up a masters degree is really the best way for them to achieve their career goals. It is often a decision between cost in tuition fees, and the extra time out of employment that mean that the decision of applying to graduate school is not to be taken casually.


For this reason alone, it is important to think about your motives to take up a master degree for working professionals, because this will mean that you commit a significant amount of your time to learning the advanced areas of your course, and at the same time apply those to your work in the near future or even as you are studying.


If you are worried about not being able to balance your personal responsibilities with your studies, you do not have to worry because there are plenty of ways that this can be flexed according to your preferred schedule, in fact many people are able to do this with ease. It’s just a matter of preparing ahead of time, and knowing when you can commit at least a full day to your studies.


Deciding on the right college as well will be of huge help; one that you should look into is the University of Redlands. There are a lot of courses here that you can take up, that will significantly build your skills, and help you gain a better grasp of your chosen profession.


Now, you may be asking, what can I get out of taking up a masters degree? Below we have listed 3 very good reasons why you should take up a higher education. Let’s take a look:


  • You will get noticed better in today’s job marketas we all know, the job market can literally be a jungle, with a business degree for working professionals, you have higher chances of getting noticed, because it qualifies you for better and a more steady job opportunities. Aside from the pay that you will be earning at this point, you do not have to worry about landing a job because employers will be the one to approach you. Holding a degree means being trusted whole-heartedly to deliver good work.


  • You get to pursue what interests you in more depthas mentioned, gaining a masters degree for working professionals, means understanding your passion in a better perspective and deeper depth than that of a bachelors degree. Here, you will get to experience areas of your course in greater detail, thus more possibilities of you getting interested more.


  • You make connectionswhen you go to grad school, you get to meet people from all over the world, which means better exposure and more opportunities.

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At last, I managed to come across this online school directory. How is this directory different from the other directories? Firstly, this directory featured the most complete database of institutions covering all the popular streams of education. No matter which line of education that I wanted to choose, I will find something that I needed here without getting disappointed. Now the question is whether all the information featured here is reliable. In my experience, I found all the information I accessed to be reliable. I never came across any issues here. All the links were live and active. I could see that I am making a great progress. In this process, I saved a lot of time. Instead of visiting 100 websites, I had to just visit top three of four websites because all the consolidated details were presented here in this directory. Only whenever I needed additional information I visited the college or university website. The process required just the fraction of my effort. I was extremely happy with the way things were moving after I started looking at the database in this directory.

I gained better clarity as to which institutions are good for the courses that I liked to join and which cities I need to look into when it comes to moving to a new city to take up the courses that I wanted. All these factors started falling in place and thanks to this directory.

The online school directory did not charge me any fee or subscriptions. I also did not have to sign up for any user account to make use of this directory. There were no strings attached as it were. All the information that I needed was accessible in easy few clicks. There could not be any other better or faster way to find the best educational institutions in the US.

Tips to choose the best business schools

There are so many business schools out there and how do you know which business school to choose and which schools are credible in the job market? All the business schools have something to offer and all of them claim that they have the best curriculum in the field. As a student, you are very likely to feel intimidated with the options that are right before you.

How could one pick the best business colleges? Are there any guidelines to by selecting the business universities? Where should one get started? Before you can actually go about picking your business school you should first decide what type of business degrees you are planning to pursue.

There are regular business degrees as well as online business schools. With more and more people opting for online business degrees employers too have started accepting such degrees. Therefore, it is up to you to choose what kind of business degree to pursue. There are no hard and fast rules with regard to this. Your life’s specific situation will dictate what kind of course will be perfect for you.

It is always best to look for a business school directory, which will give you access to all the business schools in your area. Such a directory will help you save your time. You will not be required to visit individual websites trying to learn what each institution is offering you.

Getting into a business school is often a lengthy process. So if you do not want to feel the entire process overwhelming then first understanding the qualifying processes involved in enrolling in yourself in a business school.

You should understand that not all business degrees are the same. There are several areas of specialization in the business degrees. You need to first learn about the options that are available to you when you are enrolling in a business degree and pick an area that best fits your preferences and your aptitude.

One more factor that you might want to take into account when you are short listing your degrees is the cost involved. Yes, business degrees could be highly expensive to complete. Many students start their course enthusiastically but when it comes to completing the course successfully a great percentage of students fall back or drop out. One of the major reasons for drop outs in case of business degrees is the lack of funding. If you do not want to run into such issues then it is vital that you first take care of the funding options failing to pay attention to this factor will put you in a very precarious position and you would have ended up wasting your time as well as your money.

The trick lies in making well informed decisions. When you fail to make such well-informed decisions then you might as well be prepared for the backlash. Invest your time in finding the right business schools and the right courses for you keeping your career goals in mind.