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Learning Chinese language in Singapore

Are you dreaming of learning Chinese easily? Then this article is for you! Tips for remembering Chinese characters at your service!

So, people often ask: is it difficult to learn Chinese?

Yes, it is difficult! But if you take admission in a best Chinese language school in Singapore then the efficient teachers will make it much easier for you. But you must have patience and eagerness to learn.

Many say it is one of the most difficult languages ​​to study on the planet! In order to be able to read Chinese literature, you need to know at least 1000 characters! If you know at least 200 characters – you will begin to understand 40% of the literature: magazines, menu in restaurants, and their sites. The Chinese language does not have an alphabet.

3 recommendations for a simple study of the Chinese language:

When a person hears his own speech (intonation, sounding), he will quickly learn what he has read;

Look for a partner in the Chinese language! It’s very easy to find!

You may go to our favorite Internet and write a request: “free sites for the exchange of language experience” – and you will open a number of useful sites – register and practice! Also you can find in your city an evening club (or weekend club) for learning Chinese – it would be just a wish!

Often listen to Chinese radio or watch movies in Chinese. To date, you can find anything you like: radio stations in Chinese, and various TV shows, movies (for beginners – with translation) – allocate 1 hour per day for listening – and in the future your work will thank you!

Learning foreign languages ​​is easy!

If speaking Chinese is perceived and remembered simply, then what to do with the written language of this language? All not by hearsay know that the Chinese language is famous for its complex and heavy hieroglyphs. This problem is faced by all those who study them. Everyone has to find and invent ways to easily memorize and store in memory a whole lot of hieroglyphics.

Tips for remembering Chinese characters:

Prescription of Chinese characters

The most common method is a multiple prescription of Chinese characters

This exercise will not only remember them, but also learn how to write beautifully and correctly.

If you cannot remember once a whole hieroglyph, the muscle memory will allow you to finish it, because your hand will remember for yourself what exactly follows this grapheme.

And do not forget that if you want to learn how to write in Chinese, you need to remember not only a single hieroglyph, but words consisting of it, along with other hieroglyphs that you know.

Systematize them by key, it will not get confused and remember which word is written in this or that grapheme.